Source code for ndex2.exceptions

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

[docs] class NDExError(Exception): """ Base Exception for all NDEx2 Python Client Exceptions .. warning:: Many methods in this code base still incorrectly raise errors not derived from this base class """
[docs] class NDExNotFoundError(NDExError): """ Raised if resource requested was not found """ pass
[docs] class NDExUnauthorizedError(NDExError): """ Raised if unable to authenticate, either due to lack of or invalid credentials. """ pass
[docs] class NDExInvalidParameterError(NDExError): """ Raised if invalid parameter is passed in """ pass
[docs] class NDExInvalidCXError(NDExError): """ Raised due to invalid CX """ pass
[docs] class NDExInvalidCX2Error(NDExError): """ Raised due to invalid CX .. versionadded:: 3.6.0 """ pass
[docs] class NDExUnsupportedCallError(NDExError): """ Raised if call is unsupported, for example a method that is only supported in 2.0+ of NDEx server is attempted against a server running 1.0 """ pass
[docs] class NDExAlreadyExists(NDExError): """ Raised when node, edge etc. already exists. .. versionadded:: 3.6.0 """ pass